Feed: Animal feed

Pea starch concentrate, pea protein concentrate and pea hull fiber can be used in production of ruminant-, pig-, poultry-, mink- and horse feed as well as in calf milk replacer.

AMN Pea Protein Concentrate

Pea protein is a source of highly digestible protein and amino acids. It can successfully replace different protein sources, i.e. fish, corn or soy bean.

AMN Pea Starch Concentrate

Pea starch is used as a carbohydrate source in feed due to its high digestibility after processing. Moreover, pea starch has extremely high viscosity and it will enhance pellet quality and decrease dust production in the final product.

AMN Pea Hull Fiber

Pea hull fiber is an excellent source of energy for ruminants. Pea hull fiber is also an important source for dietary fiber in monogastric animals. Different tests have shown that PHF is a high palatable ingredient in horse feed.
Pea hull fiber is known as a “super fiber” since, unlike many other sources of fiber, it is highly digestible by horses and is therefore an important source of energy.