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The future with peas and other plant proteins in Norway
Laura Gil Martens, Chief Nutritionist, R&D Manager, AM Nutrition

January 27, 2020 | Food

AMN takes part in increasing knowledge within pulse crops and its food applications by actively participating in FoodProFuture project platform.
Nowadays, peas are grown to a limited extent in Norway and are mainly used for animal feed, but the potential to increase the area for growing pulses is significant. The majority of meat substitutes for Norwegian consumers are based on soy protein; therefore, the production of more peas and field beans will represent new and attractive food alternatives.

AM Nutrition have invited two experts in this field, Dr. Wendy Waalen and Dr. Unni Abrahamsen, senior scientists from the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), to give us a presentation on the status of peas and other protein crops in Norway.

The whole AMN team, colleagues from our mother company, Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder and from other research institutions participated.

AM Nutrition is an active partner in FoodProFuture project, a 39 mill. NOK project, funded by the Research Council of Norway, in which NIBIO, NOFIMA and a number of other research and industrial partners are working together to further develop knowledge on pulses and other plant proteins in the Nordic countries.

From left: Senior scientists; Unni Abrahamsen (Nibio), Laura Gil Martens (AMN) and Wendy Waalen (Nibio).

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