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Product innovation with pulse proteins – The AM Nutrition expert view
Janne Årsvoll, Vice president, Sales and Marketing, AM Nutrition

June 22, 2017 | Food

The prestigious International Food Research organization, Bridge2Food, interviewed Dr. Laura Gil Martens, R&D Manager at AM Nutrition AS, about the future role of pulses in human nutrition.

Pulse proteins, pulse starches and pulse fiber fractions are reported to be excellent ingredients in a number of food segments, not only due to their high nutritional value but also because of their high functionality; excellent water and oil binding capacities, among others.

Bakery products, breakfast cereals, pasta, meat products, represent some of the broad application segments in which pulses fit so well, especially in sport nutrition and high protein diets for infants and the elderly.

In a world concerned about nutrition, good health and sustainability, pulses have a unique opportunity to replace animal meat, improving the life quality of millions of people and conferring a positive effect to the planet. Pulses are sustainable crops that naturally improve the quality of the soil.

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