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Peatex®, a highly functional allergen free binder for meat processing
Thomas Eskildsen, Business Manager, AM Nutrition Denmark

November 16, 2017 | Food

Extrusion cooking of legumes has developed very quickly in the last two decades; this has resulted in an increased popularity and a broader application range of extruded products in several segments of the global food market.
This success story can be explained by the enhanced nutritional and functional properties of pulses, among them Yellow peas, and the need for finding alternative protein sources for a growing world population. Furthermore it can be explained by an increased interest for “clean label” products.

Peatex®, based on extruded yellow peas, is one of the most successful products commercially implemented by the meat processing industry.  Peatex®, is a gluten free, GMO free binder with high water and oil binding capacities.  These confer enhanced textural attributes and positive flavor properties to sausages, hamburgers and  hams, among other products.

AM Nutrition`s continuous product development follows the needs of a demanding world looking for new products and innovative solutions. AM Nutrition is working together with prestigious research institutes in the development of the new generation of extruded pea fractions.

Please, contact us for more information on AMN´s extruded products.

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