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Information to customers and partners – Covid-19

Janne Årsvoll, Vice President Sales and Marketing, AM Nutrition

March 17td 2020

Dear Partner and Customer,
We do hope that this message finds you well.

For your information, AM Nutrition (AMN) do have regular production, running 24/7. In an early stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, AMN and our group implemented strict regulations to protect the production and business activities.   

Despite partly closed boarders in Norway and European countries, we are informed that transportation of food and nutrition is allowed. 

AM Nutrition is a society critical company as producer of food and feed ingredients and is therefore given priority in biosecurity situations.

We take our responsibility with deep respect.  Our team has established an internal virtual COVID-19 log giving updates on latest information to secure deliveries over time.

The objective of the internal log is to prioritize and implement any emergency actions that may arise in an ongoing changing scenario. AM Nutrition is now working on daily meetings and reports and will continue to do our outmost to secure a safe and steady supply to all our partners and customers. 

In these challenging times, it becomes crucial to strengthen communication so please, do not hesitate to contact us in any case.

Please, take care of yourself and of your dear ones!

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