High protein bread with AMN Pea Protein Concentrate

Laura Gil Martens, Chief Nutritionist, R&D Manager, AM Nutrition

September 1, 2022 | Food

The present study had as main goal to develop new food alternatives with high protein content for diverse consumer segments. The products should be nutritionally rich, tasty and visually appealing. One of the focus areas in the project was to develop a high protein bread, rich in dietary fiber, having the sensorial and organoleptic properties accepted by Norwegian consumers. The elaboration of the recipes and main practical work was conducted at NOFIMA Research Institute.

The recipes contained wheat flour, spelt, linseed, pumpkin kernel, dry yeast and salt, and where enriched with AMN Pea Protein Concentrate (PPC) in flour form at two inclusion levels, 16 and 28%.

No visible differences in porosity, elasticity and inner colour with control (no PPC) were observed. A slight browning of the surface (not inside) in PPC enriched bread was observed and was evaluated as a positive attribute. The bread slices with PPC had a clear cut, with no crumbling surface.

Pea flavour and aroma was not perceived at 16% PPC inclusion, while at 28% inclusion pea taste was present while the breads were still warm. Pea off flavour at 28% vanished after the bread become cold.

The protein level in PPC enriched products was increased by 116% (at 16% inclusion) and by 231% (at 28%) with respect to control group with no pea.

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