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Healthy pea-based snack developed by FoodProFuture

Laura Gil Martens, Chief Nutritionist, R&D Manager, AM Nutrition

February 20, 2020 | Food

An expanded snack containing AM Nutrition pea fractions and a beta-glucan rich oat fiber was successfully produced by FoodProFuture project platform, fulfilling nutritional and health claims.

AM Nutrition is an active partner in FoodProFuture project platform, a 39 mill. NOK project funded by the Research Council of Norway (BIONÆR program nr. 267858), in which NMBU, NTNU, NIBIO, NOFIMA and a number of research and industrial partners are working together to further develop knowledge on pulses and other plant proteins in the Nordic countries. Application of pea fractions in snack production is one of the areas covered in the project and where AM Nutrition products have been tested.

An expanded snack containing AM Nutrition pea fractions and a beta-glucan rich oat fiber (Swedish Oat Fiber AB) was successfully produced, fulfilling nutritional and health claims for:

  • High protein
  • Cholesterol lowering effect
  • Reduced post-prandial glucose response.

More information can be found in the article by Saldanha do Carmo, C. et al. (2019). The impact of extrusion parameters on physicochemical, nutritional and sensorial properties of expanded snacks from pea and oat fractions. Food Science and Technology (LWT), vol. 112.

AMN Pea Flour Concentrate can be used in savory chips, especially in replacement of potato, tapioca and corn. Chips formulated with AMN Pea flour concentrate are easy to process, have good physical properties such as crispiness andtexture, and have a very good taste profile.

AM Nutrition actively works on product development finding new application areas and solutions for our customers and in co-creation with our business partners.

Please, contact us for more information on our R&D activities.

Expanded Pea flour concentrate (AM Nutrition).

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