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CarryMoist™ – high functional cold binder for petfood and animal feed applications

Laura Gil Martens, Chief Nutritionist, R&D Manager, AM Nutrition

18 Dec 2018

AM Nutrition extends its range of functional protein and starches following the growing demand of clean label products.

CarryMoist™ is a high functional starch with outstanding hydrocolloid, binding and moisture retention properties. CarryMoist™ can bind high amounts of water at low temperature (6 parts of water per gram product), while it has the ability to thicken and form stable gels in aqueous systems.

Suitable for coating mixes, CarryMoist™ give structure to ingredient blends, especially in raw and wet Petfood formulations.

CarryMoist™ is an excellent binder for cold pressed feed and Petfood.

Please, contact us for more information on CarryMoist™

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