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CarryFish™ – A novel ingredient for the Petfood industry. Combines the best of fish and the best of pea fractions!

Laura Gil Martens, Chief Nutritionist, R&D Manager, AM Nutrition

October 4th 2018

Developed by AM Nutrition in 2012, CarryFish™ is available to the Petfood market in three varieties: CarryFish™ Protein, CarryFish™ Starch and CarryFish™ Fiber. It can be produced based on hydrolyzed Norwegian salmon or hydrolyzed white fish, whereas Norwegian cod represents the main fish species.

  • Nutritionally rich and functional
  • Easy to use, transport and store
  • Stable product with well-documented long shelf life.
  • Ideal ingredient in the formulation of hypoallergenic and weight control diets

CarryFish™ product range: A promising future in Petfood formulation!

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