AMN CarryMoist® as a viscosity agent in semi-moist Petfood

Laura Gil Martens, Chief Nutritionist, R&D Manager, AM Nutrition

December 5, 2022 | Petfood

AMN CarryMoist® is a high functional ingredient based on pre-gelatinized Pea Starch Concentrate, designed for binding high amounts of water at low temperature.

AMN CarryMoist® is suitable as a binder in different product applications such as extruded dry Petfood, cold pressed kibbles and in semi-moist recipes.

Semi-moist dog food is a relatively new type of dog food, which is soft and chewy and does not need to be refrigerated but it requires, indeed, a stable shelf life and humidity content between 20-40% without risk of spoilage.

The strong hydrocolloid properties of AMN CarryMoist® make this ingredient suitable in partial, or total, replacement of glycerine in semi-moist dog food. A pilot trial run at an important Petfood manufacturer in May 2022, supports these results; AMN CarryMoist® can partially replace glycerine content in semi-moist food with relatively low water activity and low risk of microbiological contamination.

Further work on this subject will be performed in the coming months.

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