AM Nutrition GDPR.

AM Nutrition are obligated to respect the privacy of our employees and partners. We must adhere to strict standards when processing personal information. All information collected and archived by AM Nutrition is treated with due care with transparency and in accordance with applicable privacy laws. AM Nutrition shall process and protect personal data as well as take care of the individual rights in accordance to ethical standards that comply with applicable data protection legislation.

General principles

In order to ensure a high standard in the processing of personal data, AM Nutrition must follow the guidelines given in connection with the processing of personal data. General guidelines:

Legality and justice

Personal data shall be processed in a lawful and fair manner and in accordance with the privacy rights defined in the legislation, applicable to AM Nutrition. EU data protection rules apply to AM Nutrition as a minimum requirement.

If local law and EU / EEA data protection rules conflict, local law applies.

Purpose Limitation

Personal data is only collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes. Furthermore, personal data will only be used for the purposes for which the information was originally collected and for which the person concerned is subject to consent.


When obtaining personal data directly from the person or through a third party, it must be ensured that the relevant person concerned are given the information required by applicable law. Furthermore, the person (s) are at all times entitled to request access to the personal data collected.

Data Restriction

In AM Nutrition, we only use personal information that is necessary to run the business. Collection of personal data shall be limited to what is necessary to safeguard the purpose of the processing. As long as the information is registered, accessibility, integrity and confidentiality must be assured. Information that is no longer needed will be deleted.


All personal data is stored exactly as obtained.

Storage restriction and storage

Personal information will not be stored for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing. AM Nutrition has retention procedures and guidelines to ensure that personal data is erased correctly.

Any person may demand that personal data to be deleted and the company is obliged to comply with the request unless the information is required for legal or legitimate business purposes. In the event of a dispute regarding the handling of personal data, the relevant information must be kept unchanged.


Cookies are small data stored on your computer. This website use cookies in order to improve the usability, navigation and analytical capabilities. You can easily block and allow the use of cookies in your browser.                      AM Nutrition use Google Analytics and Hotjar to collect data. None of the information stored can identify you as a person.


Personal information is considered confidential information. AM Nutrition guarantees confidentiality by ensuring that all employees are familiar with the privacy policy. Access to your personal information is restricted to employees who have a service need for such access.

Personal information should never be transferred to unauthorized employees or external partners unless clear and specific consent is given.

Security standards

AM Nutrition has routines to protect personal information from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration, as well as against unauthorized disclosure, abuse or other treatment that is in violation of applicable law.


AM Nutrition places high demands on our suppliers. Therefore, we require that all companies / IT suppliers confirm through a data processing agreement that they comply with the new Privacy Policy.

AM Nutrition will only transfer personal data to countries that are not regulated by EU / EEA data protection rules, if the person has consented to such transfer, or if other legal means for data transfer are available.


If AM Nutrition discovers or is informed that the security of the processing of personal data has been compromised or likely to be compromised, or if there has been any other unauthorized or unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data, they shall immediately inform the relevant authorities as well as the relevant affected individuals whose data has or may have been compromised.

Any breach of personal data shall be handled in accordance with the information breach procedure.


The guidelines for processing personal data are integrated into the local management system and audited by external auditors.

AM Nutrition will also carry out data audits to reduce the risk in all premises belonging to AM Nutrition.


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