AM Nutrition –
Ethical guidelines.


AM Nutrition (AMN) is based on values ​​that oblige us to be responsible in all our actions. Therefore, we have our own ethical guidelines for our business. Our customers must be confident that AMN contributes to the same values that are used as a basis when we purchase goods and services. That is why we have developed ethical guidelines for AMN’s partners and customers. The guidelines are based on principles developed by the Initiative for Ethical Trade (IEH) and strengthen fundamental principles that are enshrined in international conventions. Since 2017 AMN has been a member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisation working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

Sustainability is an integrated part of our business reinforced by the vision of AMN; The natural and sustainable way.

AMN emphasizes the ability to implement improvements in line with ethical
guidelines. Partners and customers who report gaps between our ethical requirements and their actual status, does not necessarily mean that they are excluded as our partner. If the partner assumes a willingness to implement improvement measures, this will be an important criterion for further cooperation.

Business principles

Ethics and intregrity

AM Nutrition wants to be perceived as a serious, reliable and long-term partner. We therefore emphasize the following:

  • High standards of business ethics and integrity
  • Respect for the culture of the countries in which we operate
  • Partners and customers must be met with respect
  • Partners and suppliers must be treated in an impartial and fair manner
  • Competitors must be treated respectfully
  • It is not permitted to request or receive benefits beyond ordinary gifts and refreshments
  • The delivered products and services must always be of high quality
  • The interests of customers and the company is put before personal gain – this means that private business must not be mixed with AMN’s business
  • Employees is good ambassadors for AMN, and safeguard AMN’s name and reputation both in and outside the business context


  • As a responsible and reliable company, AM Nutrition meets public authorities and non-governmental organizations in a correct and open manner
  • AM Nutrition does not sponsor political candidates or parties


AM Nutrition respects the dignity of its employees and wants to safeguard their interests in the best possible way. We therefore emphasize the following:

  • Compliance with the ILO standard and the UN’s human rights
  • High health and safety standards at all our facilities as well as good injury and accident prevention measurement
  • Opportunity to participate in constructive discussions without risk of reprimand
  • Negotiations in good faith in the event of conflicts
  • Opportunity to address any problem areas in an effective way with all employers
  • Respect for the employees’ right to form and participate in self-elected unions
  • Prevention of discrimination with regard to gender, age, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation

Business activities

AM Nutrition demands that the day-to-day business is conducted in a transparent and ethically manner. We therefore emphasize the following:

  • Respect for the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate
  • All transactions must be properly registered and documented in line with local and international accounting principles
  • Confidential information is not disclosed to a third party. Confidential information includes technology, operating procedures, pricing, financial information, operating and strategy plans, supplier and customer lists and customer information.
  • Compliance with AMN’s standards and guidelines, e.g. with regard to health, environment and safety, finance, personnel management, chemicals, website security, crisis management, e-mail and the internet


Corruption and bribery hinder economic development, create poverty and damage our integrity. We owe it to our local communities, shareholders and employees to maintain high ethical standards. At AMN, we strive to comply our values and we consider openness as the best way to prevent corruption.


What is whistleblowing? It means that if you discover intolerable conditions in connection with AMN’s business, you report to someone who can do something about it.

When you discover serious circumstances, a number of conflicts arise such as your own interests – including your future at AMN – and the organization’s future reputation. On the other hand, you have a professional responsibility to your superiors.

It is AMN’s responsibility to ensure that whistleblowers are not subjected to internal penalties, either directly or indirectly. However, individuals who give notice for no reason or to harm the organization or another person risk disciplinary action.

The reporting should preferably be done in writing. This is the best way to document an alert. It is important to have clear facts and be as sure as possible of having interpreted the facts correctly.

Do you want to file a complaint? Contact your manager for guidance or questions about anti-corruption on a daily basis. In cases where the nature of the complaint makes it impractical or inappropriate to go via the manager, the information can instead be communicated to the safety representative (Verneombud), HSEQ manager, human resources department, general manager or

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